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At the completion of this in-service staff members will be able to: 

  • Verbalize his/her role in Resident Visitation Program 

  • Discuss the Safe Visitation Guidelines that are given to all residents and visitors 

  • Describe the steps to be taken when preparing a resident for visitors. 

  • Identify instances when there are concerns related to a resident participating in visitation. 

  • Verbalize the systems in place to bring residents to and from visitation sites.  

  • Verbalize the steps to take after the resident is taken back to this/her room following visitation. 

  • Verbalize safe spacing to maintain social distancing 

  • Verbalize knowledge of the Visitation Policy.  ​​


Staff members from different departments have different roles in the visitation program.  The one common denominator is that each and every staff member has to take an active role in ensuring that the visitation program runs smoothly, and that all measures are taken to decrease the potential for transmission of COVID-19.  

All staff must take an active role in the Visitation Program 

  • Report any concerns related to Visitation to the DNS and/or Administrator 

  • Assist as requested by the Visitor Concierge or staff involved in the Visitation Program. 

  • Allow residents being transported to and from visitation to use the elevator to decrease waiting time in lobby and on floor 

  • Refrain from using the Main Dining room during visitation sessions​

  • Recreation Department 

  • Provide education to all residents regarding Visitation Guidelines 

  • Staff Member to serve as Concierge and screen all visitors 

  • Staff assigned to monitor visitation sites and assist as needed 

  • Staff will be assigned to assist with transport to and from visitation sites as needed. ​

Nursing Staff ​​

  • Inspect each resident for any needed grooming and ensure that it is done 

  • nail trimming 

  • facial hair 

  • clean clothes 

  • clean shoes 

  • clean glasses 

  • Ensure that all resident care needs are addressed prior to the visitation time. This includes but is not limited to: 

  • Toileting 

  • Medications 

  • Treatments 

  • Assigned caregiver to bring residents to the visitation area adhering to the following: 

  • Hand Hygiene done in room prior to leaving room 

  • Placement of new face mask on resident 

  • Transporting resident directly from room to the visitation station 

  • One resident per elevator 

  • When reaching the designated visitation area, the resident is to be placed at the marked area of the table.  The visitors will be seated six feet away. 

  • When transporting resident back to their rooms, the caregiver will pick up the resident from the visitation area and go directly to the elevator 

  • Hand Hygiene is to be performed at the elevator prior to entering 

  • Resident will be transported to his/her room 

  • Resident will be placed in room with wheelchair brakes locked and call bell placed within reach 

  • Assist resident with mask removal and discard 

  • Caregiver to perform hand hygiene 

  • Caregivers on unit will be notified that resident has returned 

Housekeeping Staff 

  • Will assist Maintenance department with set- up of visitation areas. 

  • Will sanitize visitation area after each visit and sign the Sanitation Log 

  • Will ensure that there is adequate supply of Hand Hygiene Products available at visitation sites 

Maintenance Staff

  • Will assist with set up of visitation areas 

  • Will ensure that social distancing markers are in place and re-enforce as needed 

  • Will assist with the breakdown of visitation sites at the end of the day 

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